BLVDIA Minisode #3 - Steve Dresler, Sierra Nevada’s Legendary Brewmaster

June 27, 2017

Minutes before "Taps & Tastes" opened, the Crew had the chance to sit down with the legendary Steve Dresler.  If you're even slightly familiar with the craft brew industry at all...more than likely, you've heard about Steve.  Many would consider him a pioneer in his field.  Steve relays some of the highlights of his career, thoughts on the industry as a whole, and why he felt 2017 was the right time to retire.

00:0000:00, Marvel Movie Trivia & Introducing ROOMBATRON!!!

June 26, 2017

Angie Pederson from KC Geeks joins the Crew on this episode. is a website "promoting and nurturing geek culture in Kansas City".  Then, to really delve into their geekdom, Josh spouts off Marvel movie trivia questions to the group.

Plus Josh finally reveals his big project to the world...Roombatron!  A self-aware, AI robot that's basically just an iPhone 6 taped to a Roomba that wears a normal human lab coat.  Prepare to be amazed (or extremely disappointed).



Boulevardia Minisode #2 - “Run With It” Interview

June 20, 2017

'Run With It' is an alternative rock band trio based in Kansas City. The guys had the chance to sit down with them after their set at Boulevardia and dig a bit into their backstory, the band's hustle, and some elements that inspire their music.

The band consists of Miguel - lead vocals & guitar, Daniel - drummer & background vocals, and Ben - bass, keyboard, & background vocals.

Check them out online at and social media @runwithitband


Boulevardia Minisode #1

June 19, 2017

The Crew was generously granted media access to different parts of Boulevardia.  While most interviews were scheduled for the 2nd day of the festival, they decided to knock out somewhat of an 'intro' episode on the first day.

For those that haven't been, Boulevardia is a family-friendly festival that was held in the Stockyards District of Kansas City.  An eclectic festival highlighting a variety of beer, music, and food...Boulevardia 2017 was an absolute blast!


Comedian Jeff Dye - Part 2

June 15, 2017

So what was life like for Jeff AFTER 'Last Comic Standing'?  Jeff relays his crazy life in media, the different projects he's been involved with and some of the big things for him on the horizon.

Jeff also touches on joke-stealing and the problem of plagiarism that still permeates the comedic scene today.

Check out Jeff's main website at


Comedian Jeff Dye - Part 1

June 15, 2017

The Crew had the privilege of welcoming comedian Jeff Dye in Studio!  As a motivated guy who "never takes his foot off the pedal", Jeff digs into what makes him tick, what life was like growing up, and the early stages of his comedic career.  Jeff's big break was NBC's 'Last Comic Standing' and he even gives a little BTS talk on navigating the competitive strategy.

You can visit Jeff's website at


Free Things to do in KC. What Were We Talking About Again? Oh Yeah, Magnetic Cats

June 12, 2017

After going thru the "33 Free Things to do in KC" list, the Crew derails (weird huh?) into answering more questions sent in by the pizza scientists at Pizza Hut.


Listener Reviews & Chipotle Awareness Month

June 8, 2017

Once again The Crew reads their most recent reviews on iTunes, which leads to the winner of Boulevardia tickets!  They also inform the listeners about June being Chipotle awareness month.  Plus, they fear an upcoming donut eating challenge for Kansas City Live at Top Golf.

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The Crew Decides to get Fit (because TV made them fat)

May 25, 2017

After now TWO appearances on "Kansas City Live", they decide to finally do something about the 'camera adds 10 lbs' rule.  Plus they get into some of the shenanigans you didn't see on TV during their World of Fun segment.


Russian Hackers Made Kyle Fat, How Dumb is Josh #3, and TSA Fun!

May 22, 2017

Back in the basement, The Crew discovers an insane Australian man who made the news a few years ago.  They get into part 3 of how dumb is Josh, and some of the fun many people in the country have had with the TSA...enjoy!

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