69 - iPhone Derp-Face Recognition, Personal Questions, and Joe’s KC BBQ Follow-Up

September 19, 2017

Remember those email chain-letter surveys you used to get?  Well, the Crew came across some and decided to get all personal n' stuff on this episode.  Prior to that though, the fellas discuss their thoughts on the new iPhone 8 and X (what happened to 9?).  Facial recognition unlock is a concern, so "derp" face recognition may be the solution!

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68 - Jeff Stehney w/ Joe’s Kansas City BBQ - World Famous Barbecue

September 14, 2017

Jeff Stehney is the founder and owner of 'Joe's Kansas City BBQ' (formerly known as Oklahoma Joe's).  The amount of awards, accolades, and articles that have been about Jeff and his BBQ is almost innumerable.  Jeff has created, not just a great KC restaurant, but a culinary staple of the city.

In the episode, Jeff talks about his early days in competition BBQ, the challenges of entrepreneurship, some of growing pains of a thriving business, and what's on the horizon for Joe's BBQ.

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67 - Nonsense Against Humanity & Never Have We Ever…

September 12, 2017

Around the 38:35 mark, The Crew plays a new game called "Utter Nonsense".  Its an insane game when odd phrases are matched with weird accents.

Before that though, Matty's daughter Julia insisted on giving her insights into the Emoji Movie, then they discuss more Star Wars & comic book movie nerdery.  THEN they run thru a list of things, experiences, TV shows and movies they've never seen...most of which everyone on earth has.  (22:40) You might be surprised on what the guys have been missing out on.

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66 - Comedian Nick Nichols Helps the Crew w/ Self-Analysis

September 7, 2017

After they guys run thru the mandatory talk about Chipotle, Pizza Rolls, TVs, and Amazon...Nick Nichols throws some questions at the Crew concerning the style of the show, the comedy, and more analysis on the art of comedy & stand-up.  Could Josh, Kyle, or Matty be stand-up comedians? 

It gets a little deep in parts, so hold on and have fun.

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65 - Listener Q&A’s (real ones) Goes Off the Rails!

September 4, 2017

You submitted the questions and The Crew answers them...kind of.  Comedian Nick Nichols sits in as a guest on this episode as well.  Enjoy this train wreck as the guys answer questions about the show, food, and superpowers.

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7:50 - Details about cancitystore.com

18:00 - Question #1

21:30 - Question #2

24:20 - Question #3

26:10 - Question #4

27:30 - Question #5

33:40 - Question #6

45:20 - Question #7

52:15 - Question #8


64 - The Crew Takes “Potpourri” for $800

August 29, 2017

This one goes ALLL over the place.  From climb-inside balloons, deserted shopping malls, Batman movies, how food is killing you, to Chuck E. Cheese...this one is a bit chaotic.  Have fun!

30:22 Buzzfeed's "30 Signs that you're almost 30"

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63 - Ashley White w/ Le Stylo Rouge: KC Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire

August 22, 2017

"Le Stylo Rouge" is one of the most well-known blogs in Kansas City.  Started by Ashley White over 7 years ago, the blog (as she put it) helps justify her shopping addiction.  Covering multiple facets of fashion, as well as showcasing her own personal style, Ashley has become a major influencer in the biz.

Ashley tells about what started it all, when the blog really began to "take off", and where the ideas for content come from.

Oh and she quickly realizes her disdain for Josh within a mere matter of minutes.  Don't worry...they make up.

Visit her blog directly - www.lestylorouge.com


62 - Rapid Fire Questions, Listener E-mails, & Chillin’ with Crystle Lampitt Part 2

August 18, 2017

Crystle sticks around for part 2 and plays a few rounds of rapid fire questions with The Crew.  She also relays some of her experiences early in the world of media, and then basically...well...just shoots the breeze with the guys for a while.  

This episode gets funny, it gets informative, and it definitely gets WEIRD!!!

Have fun & enjoy!


61 - Crystle Lampitt (part 1) - World Traveler, Fashion Model, & TV Personality

August 14, 2017

Many in KC were first introduced to Crystle when she filled the vacancy left by Holly Starr on "38 The Spot".  Initially, she began as a part-time host but has since increased her resumé to include reporting on "The Now" on KSHB, hosting "Behind the Spotlight", and filling in as co-host on "Kansas City Live"...just to name a few.

In part 1 they get into some of her early family life, globe-trotting, modeling career, and what led to her entering the media world here in Kansas City.

Stay tuned for part 2!


60 - The Crew is Getting Old & Misunderstood Song Lyrics

August 10, 2017

Two Buzzfeed lists fuel most of this episode.  Although many years shy of 40, they still relate to most of the "Things that make 40'ish people say Holy %$#& I'm old!!!"

Then they come across a list of some of the most misunderstood song lyrics.

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