96 - Kyle Ruins Everything! Government & Dieting…What Could Go Wrong?!?!

January 21, 2018

Oddly enough, The Crew veers slightly closer into "uncharted territory" of Government news.  It doesn't get "political" per say...its just there's so much hilarious news coming from the government, it's hard to avoid.  Sprinkled in are some known (and conspiracy theory'ish) facts about modern-day diets and food.

SEE!!! The guys play it completely safe by discussing uncontroversial topics like government and diets!  Right?!?! (crickets)

Have fun.

4:30 - Intermittent fasting VS 12 meals a day

7:30 - Some new details on the 100th episode event

19:20 - Everything’s going great in the US government (or not)

26:50 - Government corruption is FUN!!!

35:05 - …aaaaaand we’re back to fasting & diet stuff


95 - Mini Movie Reviews, The Golden Globes Fiasco, & Reminiscing About Cell Phones and Video Games

January 15, 2018

The Crew catches up some on reviewing some recent film releases.  Plus...the fellas vent a little bit with their thoughts on the recent Golden Globes.  SPOILER ALERT: It's not all good :-/  Can anyone say "bandwagon effect"?!?!

9:20 - Joel Nichols won't commit to our 100th episode

17:50 - "The Post" movie review

21:30 - The Crew's thoughts on the last Golden Globes

34:05 - "The Darkest Hour" movie review

38:20 - "The Commuter" movie review

44:30 - The progress of tech in the past couple decades 


94 - Logan Paul is a Genius (or not) and Everyone (still) Hates “Last Jedi”

January 11, 2018

There's some more info about the on-site 100th episode event!  There's a big prize for iTunes 5 star ratings & reviews...and more...

Have fun!

4:30 - Info about the 100th episode event at the Doughnut Lounge

6:00 - Florida, just plain full of weirdos

11:05 - The stupidity of Logan Paul

20:40 - Josh's Bigfoot podcast & UFOs

29:45 - The Crew does indoor skydiving at iFly

36:55 - Our new iTunes review giveaway

39:55 - Everyone just HATES "Last Jedi" (Just like ESB)


93 - The Crew’s BIG Announcement! iTunes Review Winners & Disney Buys Fox!

January 8, 2018

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!  All our listeners are invited to our on-site 100th episode event on February 3rd at the Doughnut Lounge in Westport, MO.  Listen at 2:00 for all the details.

5:35 - Recent iTunes reviews and t-shirt/gift card winners

9:35 - Kyle's "weirdo" run-in at Home Depot

16:00 - More proof that young men are just plain stupid

18:25 - Matty's face gets smashed by a circular saw

23:30 - Josh's dented nose

27:20 - Kyle gets beat up in middle school and the Crew LOSES IT  X-D

31:50 - Disney buys Fox

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Bonus Ep - The Crew Gets Interviewed: Hayley Bushman w/ the ‘Everything Intriguing’ Podcast

January 2, 2018

Want to hear a different side of the Can City Crew?  Hayley Bushman from the 'Everything Intriguing' podcast reached out as asked if she could interview the fellas for one of her initial episodes.  While there definitely are some good laughs...it does get a little deep at moments.  Have fun :-)

2:23 - Why start the Can City Podcast?

5:12 - How long have the guys been friends?

6:34 - A little about Hayley and her podcast

7:55 - Favorite interviews so far

16:24 - Lessons and tips learned about podcasting along the way

29:50 - What makes an episode/interview a "dud"?

31:15 - If The Crew could interview anyone, who would it be?

34:45 - Landmarks & upcoming events for The Can City Podcast

56:15 - How long will the guys continue to do the podcast?


92 - Star Wars Talk with Justin Andrews from “Mind Pump” Podcast

December 28, 2017

After the Crew's initial Star Wars - The Last Jedi movie review...little did they know the film would receive the volatile and mixed reactions that it did.  This movie MUST be discussed further...

If you've been listening to Can City for a while, you’ll know that back in October the fellas had the privilege of interviewing Sal, Justin, and Adam from the Mind Pump podcast in their San Jose studio.  Mind Pump is a very health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness-centric podcast. Now while all the guys live and breath health/fitness…Justin Andrews is a massive Star Wars fan.  You might even use the term ‘star wars geek’ when describing him.  Unfortunately, when Justin brings up Star Wars on Mind Pump, his enthusiasm, thoughts, and theories around Star Wars tend to fall on deaf ears because Sal and Adam just aren’t into it as much as he is.

On this episode, Justin calls in and finally gets to let out his innergeekdom, discuss The Last Jedi and all things STAR WARS!!!

Have fun :-)

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91 - Jeff Foxworthy Returns & Stereotypes of KC

December 21, 2017

Would you be surprised if we told you this one jumps all over the place?  Nawwwww.  In fact, here's your compass.  Have fun :-)

3:45 - Bragging about RocketBook

17:07 - Jeff Foxworthy back in studio!

23:35 - Stereotypes of Kansas City that need to go away

40:10 - Contemplating our 100th episode

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90 - The Philosophy of Thou Mayest Coffee w/ Bo Nelson (special intro with Mark!!!)

December 18, 2017

While waiting around for Bo to hop off a conference call, the guest microphone was hijacked by Mark...one of the amazing (and talkative) employees of Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters.

The Crew had the chance to sit down and talk with Bo Nelson, Roaster and co-founder of Thou Mayest.  Thou Mayest is far from your stereotypical coffee shop.  Within minutes of walking into the store, you'll pick up on an atmosphere like no other.  From the quality coffee to the unique aesthetic, to the demeanor of the folks behind the counter...they've established a strong brand in a relatively short amount of time.

Bo discusses the philosophy of coffee and the principles that guided his plan in opening his own shop.  He also relays some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking thoughts concerning entrepreneurship.

It's an all-around fun, deep, and animated conversation.  Have fun :-)

Make sure to visit www.thoumayest.com


Bonus Ep - Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Spoiler Talk

December 15, 2017

A continuation of The Crew's conversation/review of Star Wars Episode 8 - The Last Jedi.  WARNING!!!!  Major spoilers ahead!!!


89 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Movie Review (no spoilers)

December 12, 2017

The fellas caught the press screening of Star Wars Episode 8 - The Last Jedi.  After the typical nonsense (3:40), the fellas dig into their spoiler-free thoughts on the new film.

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