75 - Free T-Shirts & Failed Wizard of Oz Theme Parks

October 17, 2017

Y'all want free Can City t-shirts?!?!  Listen to the first 5 minutes to find out how, because after that...well you can just stop listening.  The rest is the usual mindless nonsense.  But if that's still your thing...WELCOME!!! :-D

The nonsense includes stuff about failed theme parks, how to world is going to pot, and how to lose 20 lbs in 20 minutes. (the last one may not be true)

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74 - KC Fashion Week + Crocs are Ew!

October 8, 2017

"Fashion Week" in KC is quickly becoming a staple event of the city.  In this episode, the Crew sits down with Kelsie O'Brien - PR/Marketing Manager, Justin Houpe of Naava Swim, and Jon Fulton Adams of Queens Rocket. They dig into a bit of the history of fashion week, what it takes for a designer to get involved, and some background on the designers themselves.

And yet within all the talk of elite fashion in Kansas City...somehow "Crocs" gets brought up as a topic of discussion.

Visit www.KCFashionWeek.com for more information



73 - Morgan Dameron - Writer, Producer, & Director of “Different Flowers”

October 5, 2017

From skyline shots, to shooting locations, to mentions in the screenplay...Morgan's film "Different Flowers" lets aspects of the Midwest and Kansas City shine.  From start to finish, filming and production took relatively less time than your typical movie, but that didn't come without its stresses and hurdles.

Morgan talks about amazing ways in which the film came together, her history and ties to KC, and some KC "easter eggs" you may catch in the film.

Plus she discusses her experiences working as an intern at "Bad Robot" and working right alongside JJ Abrams on Star Trek - Into Darkness & Star Wars - The Force Awakens!



72 - Folly At Thy KC Renaissance Festival

October 2, 2017

When the Kansas City Renaissance Festival invited the Crew to do an episode on-site...they weren't entirely sure what they were getting into.  By far, this was the most unique episode to date.

The KC Ren Fest is a decades-old tradition to the city and continues to deliver a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family.  You can enjoy a wide variety of stage performances, jousting, games, shops and more.  OH!  And you just might bump into the village idiot...the Crew definitely did.

Visit www.kcrenfest.com for info & tickets


71 - Nitwit Movie Reviews & Josh Can’t Stop Singing

September 28, 2017

Solely based on the titles, trailers, and posters...The Crew decides to go ahead and give their opinion on recent movies neither of them has ever seen.

Then (for some reason) they get into the topic of botched celebrity plastic surgeries, movies the in-laws do (or don't) enjoy, and movie commentaries.  Yeah as usual, this one is all over the place...

Have fun!

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70 - Snortable Chocolate Energy & MORE Personal Questions

September 25, 2017

Josh brings up "Coko Loco" and helps everyone quickly realize...maybe ALL supplements should be snorted?!?!?

Matty runs thru some more e-mail quiz questions for Kyle & Josh, and as excepted...the episode takes many insane turns.  Have fun!

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69 - iPhone Derp-Face Recognition, Personal Questions, and Joe’s KC BBQ Follow-Up

September 19, 2017

Remember those email chain-letter surveys you used to get?  Well, the Crew came across some and decided to get all personal n' stuff on this episode.  Prior to that though, the fellas discuss their thoughts on the new iPhone 8 and X (what happened to 9?).  Facial recognition unlock is a concern, so "derp" face recognition may be the solution!

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68 - Jeff Stehney w/ Joe’s Kansas City BBQ - World Famous Barbecue

September 14, 2017

Jeff Stehney is the founder and owner of 'Joe's Kansas City BBQ' (formerly known as Oklahoma Joe's).  The amount of awards, accolades, and articles that have been about Jeff and his BBQ is almost innumerable.  Jeff has created, not just a great KC restaurant, but a culinary staple of the city.

In the episode, Jeff talks about his early days in competition BBQ, the challenges of entrepreneurship, some of growing pains of a thriving business, and what's on the horizon for Joe's BBQ.

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67 - Nonsense Against Humanity & Never Have We Ever…

September 12, 2017

Around the 38:35 mark, The Crew plays a new game called "Utter Nonsense".  Its an insane game when odd phrases are matched with weird accents.

Before that though, Matty's daughter Julia insisted on giving her insights into the Emoji Movie, then they discuss more Star Wars & comic book movie nerdery.  THEN they run thru a list of things, experiences, TV shows and movies they've never seen...most of which everyone on earth has.  (22:40) You might be surprised on what the guys have been missing out on.

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66 - Comedian Nick Nichols Helps the Crew w/ Self-Analysis

September 7, 2017

After they guys run thru the mandatory talk about Chipotle, Pizza Rolls, TVs, and Amazon...Nick Nichols throws some questions at the Crew concerning the style of the show, the comedy, and more analysis on the art of comedy & stand-up.  Could Josh, Kyle, or Matty be stand-up comedians? 

It gets a little deep in parts, so hold on and have fun.

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